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The LifeTime Experience – Your Memoirs

LifeTime Memoirs makes capturing your memoirs easy and enjoyable

Perhaps you have always wanted to write your memoirs but have never been able to find the time. Or, maybe, you have suggested to a relative that you would love to hear all about their life. LifeTime makes capturing your memoirs easy and, most importantly, enjoyable.

With the help of one of our project managers and other members of the team, we can make the process run smoothly and quickly. We start by finding the perfect interviewer, who meets with the author every one to two weeks. These interviews are recorded to enable the ascribed ghostwriter to then create the author’s memoir. One interviewer said of her experience, “What I love about LifeTime Memoirs is that I get to listen to the most amazing and fascinating life stories, I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of the process of recording someone’s memories.”

The interviewer guides the author

Every interviewer is trained to not only support the author when it comes to remembering and relating their stories but also to make the author feel at ease and comfortable with talking about their past. In this way, the interviewer guides the author from the very start of their LifeBook right through to the end.

We have a structured tried-and-tested process of creating our authors’ autobiographies that ensures every part of the project runs smoothly. The ghostwriter writes up the content from each recorded interview. Then, this content is professionally edited before being sent to the author on a regular basis for amendments and checking.

As with our interviewers, our ghostwriters find the LifeTime experience interesting and rewarding. At the end of one project, the ghostwriter told us, “It’s been a total privilege to have been a part of the author’s life story and to have helped him bring his incredible tales to the written page.”

The manuscript has been completed

Once the author’s life story has been completed, the manuscript has one last edit, followed by typesetting and a proofread. After this, the resulting final draft is sent to the author for their approval and consent. When this has been given, the typeset is sent to the printer and the author’s personal LifeTime is created. This enables them, their family and friends to cherish the stories and photos it contains for years to come.

Each LifeTime memoir is bound by hand and made of the finest materials, from the paper we use inside to the linen hardback cover. To complete the professional appearance of the book, the author’s name and unique story title are embossed in either silver or gold on the front cover of their LifeBook.

One of our authors, who has completed their LifeTime memoir, spoke to us about our services, “In the past, I’ve enjoyed telling my children and grandchildren about my own childhood. Of course, it was so vastly different from their own that they were always amazed whenever I spoke about it. I was persuaded by my daughter to record my memories in written form using LifeBook. The process for completing my autobiography was very exciting and wonderfully managed by the team. In addition, it brought back many happy memories that I had almost forgotten. My whole family thinks the project was well worthwhile. It has given them a first-hand description of the lives of their predecessors. Well done LifeTime Memoirs.

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