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Ghostwriter Testimonial – Alwyn

The thing I most like from a writing point-of-view is really capturing the voice of the person whose life story you’re listening to so you get a sense of them as a person, as an individual. You get a sense of their approach to life and everything else and, obviously, you listen as they speak their words and it’s your job to piece it together in a more organised way perhaps or take out a few of the bumps. You get real appreciation as a writer of their whole life really and everything that that means as they look back, you get a sense of their aspirations, the background to values, their whole life. Sometimes you get a real sense of, and then their relationships, what’s happened in families, marriages, whatever else, which is really moving often and you get a sense to of their regrets as they look back and, also, of their real hopes and ambitions for their future or, perhaps, their children or grandchildren’s future as well.

Alwyn – A LifeBook ghostwriter

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