Keith LifeBook Author

Memoir Author Testimonial – Keith

Keith shares his experience writing his LifeTime autobiography

In the past, I’ve enjoyed telling my children, and later my grandchildren, about my own childhood which, of course, was so vastly different from their own.

They always seemed amazed. I was persuaded by my daughter to record these memories in written form, primarily for my grandchildren, using LifeTime Memoirs.

I’d always collected photographs of my ancestors that I remembered well and these would illustrate my memories. The process for completing the LifeTime Memoirs’ exercise was very exciting and wonderfully managed by them.

It brought back many happy memories that I had almost forgotten. I realized I had enjoyed some exciting and historic times. All my grandchildren received a beautifully bound copy and all think it was well worthwhile and gives them a first-hand description of their ancestors.

Well done LifeTime Memoirs!

– Keith –

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