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Nov 4, 2020

Writing Your Story: The Perfect Winter Project

Writing your autobiography or memoir with LifeTime Memoirs is the perfect winter project that will put a smile on your face. It means regular conversations with an interviewer chosen just for you. It’s a chance to look back and reflect. It’s a project that can occupy as much or as little time as you like.

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Oct 15, 2020

How Can We Combat Loneliness in Older Adults?

With the world facing many more difficult months in its battle with Covid-19, the population of elderly people who live both inside and outside care homes will continue to be seriously affected by one of the most mentally debilitating scourges of modern life – loneliness.

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Sep 30, 2020

Barbara Thompson’s Autobiography and TV appearance

Barbara Thompson MBE is a legend of the global jazz scene, and her career has spanned nearly five decades. Her influence will continue throughout 2020, with the release of her autobiography, upcoming appearance on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E, and the continued appeal of her music.

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Sep 22, 2020

New Consumer-facing Brand in North America

We are happy to announce that most consumer-facing activity in North America will gradually transition to LifeTime Memoirs branding. Consumer research revealed that memoir resonates better than autobiography with people looking to write their life stories.

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Sep 11, 2020

LifeTime Participates in the Leaders Council Podcast

LifeTime’s founder Roy was invited onto an episode of the podcast, which also included an interview with legendary Sir Geoff Hurst. Host Matthew O’Neill explored Roy’s views on leadership and the impact Covid has had on LifeTime Memoirs’ business.

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Aug 27, 2020

Making Memories by Traveling – the History of Air Travel

In the past 70 years, the prevalence of affordable air travel has led to a seemingly smaller globe as people of all ages have the opportunity to travel. Retirees especially, who may have never been abroad until well into adulthood, are discovering the world and building memories.

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Aug 14, 2020

VJ Day: Remembering Those who Fought in the Pacific

While Europe had been fighting the Nazis, another limb of the war was being simultaneously fought many thousands of miles away in the Pacific. This conflict ended on 15th August 1945. This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.

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Aug 5, 2020

What is a Memoir? Is it The Same Thing as an Autobiography?

At LifeTime Memoirs, we’re often asked what the difference is between a memoir, an autobiography, and a biography. Although there are differences, it can be whatever you want it to be. The beauty is that, however you refer to it, it is your story, captured for generations to come.

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May 11, 2020

Celebrate Milestone Birthdays With a Memoir

We place special emphasis on those milestone celebrations like 50th, 75th, even 100th birthdays. But when it comes to finding the perfect gift, it isn’t always easy. We propose a different kind of gift. If you have a loved one celebrating a milestone birthday, give them a LifeTime memoir.

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May 4, 2020

Universal Truths & Transformational Narratives

Have you ever read a novel, memoir, or autobiography and thought that your life story holds similar themes, messages, and events? This is the gift of a transformational narrative, one that holds universal truths that no matter who reads the story, can gain some insight into their own lives.

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Apr 20, 2020

Journaling: Another Form Of Preserving Life’s Moments

Life is complicated and messy and beautiful, sometimes all in the same day. But having a moment or two each day or week to reflect on the now is important. It may feel silly at first, writing a journal to recap the little moments. But you are creating a record of your life story. One day you’ll be happy you did.

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Apr 8, 2020

Social Distancing Without Isolating: Connecting Digitally

Right now, so many of us are feeling the emotional strain of social distancing. We can, however, make the situation a bit better by connecting with our loved ones using video technology. Albeit far from ideal, it does facilitate that all-important human interaction without risking our health.

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Mar 31, 2020

How We’re Adapting to Challenging Times

It’s more important than ever to have positive projects to focus the mind. The team has adapted to working from home and the company has adopted a new way around dealing with the issue of social distancing: we will temporarily be switching to remote video interviews. This way, we can continue helping you writing your life stories.

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Mar 30, 2020

The Moments That Shape a Life Time

As our world experiences a terrible pandemic, many of us are focusing on the negative, even obsessing over the things we cannot control. But we invite you to take a step back and think of all the moments in recent history we thought would never end: 9/11, Race Riots, The Vietnam War, World War II, and The Great Depression.

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Mar 25, 2020

“…Art is nothing if it is not a bridge to other people.”

What to do during your coronavirus home quarantine? Instead of trying to fill your time, we invite you to do something different. Create memories. The old fashioned kind, so to speak. Talk to your children. Share stories. Catch up on all the moments your busy life has made you miss out on.

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Mar 16, 2020

Covid-19 Virus Update March 2020

All employees have moved from the headquarters in England and Indiana to work remotely, and they continue to deliver the beautiful memoirs our families deserve. In order to protect both our authors and their interviewers, we are using our video interviewing technology, allowing our projects to continue without interruption.

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Mar 11, 2020

LifeTime Memoirs Founder Roy Moed Featured on BBC

BBC recently invited Roy to discuss the growing interest in writing memoirs and autobiographies. He also shared how it all started when he wanted to capture his father Jules’ stories and sent his personal assistant to document everything. After Jules’ book was finalized, he wanted to help others with their memoirs.

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Feb 13, 2020

Why Write An Autobiography?

Your family may think they know everything there is to know about you. But have you told them the stories of the first time your heart was broken? Or the time you fell out of a tree? Or the story of your first family pet? The stories that meant so much to you. When you write an autobiography, you give your family a gift that gives back for generations to come.

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Feb 6, 2020

Life Moments to Remember, Life Stories to Share

When she lost her husband, Doris was faced with the task of going through her belongings. With her daughter’s help, she rummaged through old clothes, discarded knick-knacks and household objects. She came across a box of photos, cards, and sentiments from her life with Joseph. Moments she hadn’t wanted to forget. 

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Feb 3, 2020

We Need The Unique Stories of Everyday People

Think about the last autobiography or memoir you read. Who was it about? Royalty? A celebrity? Regardless of who wrote it, chances are it had a very captivating hook: escaping a dangerous situation, participating in a historic event, just to name a few bestselling storylines. But what about the stories of everyday people?

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Dec 26, 2019

The Cabbage Patch Craze

Thirty-six years ago, in 1983, The Cabbage Patch craze ensued. The dolls were considered ugly by many, but the concept and subsequent marketing were stunning. Artist Xavier Roberts converted a medical clinic into a “hospital” where the dolls could be “adopted,” complete with a name and birth certificate!

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Dec 20, 2019

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my family bought for me the gift of my LifeTime memoir. On the second day of Christmas, my family bought for me two hundred pages of my LifeTime memoir. On the third day of Christmas, my family bought for me three-week build, two hundred pages. On the fourth day of Christmas, my family bought…

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Dec 13, 2019

My Merry Memoir

Christmas has always been one of my most favorite times of the year. The furthest back I can remember, circa age four, the local mall had, of course, Santa Claus, but also…TWO REINDEER. Not live reindeer. But to me, they may as well have been. I can still envision their smiling plushy faces with heads that turned, welcoming eyes that blinked, and mouths that moved and…spoke! 

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Dec 4, 2019

It’s A Wonderful Life(time)

Sometimes we need a Clarence, from the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life”, in our lives to help us know our worth. Sometimes we need a guardian angel to listen to us and to empathize with our deepest fears. Sometimes we need someone to validate why we were put on this earth and how we have made a difference. Who is your Clarence?

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Nov 27, 2019

All Things Merry and Bright at Your Fingertips

According to our friends at Google, “Instead of the 32 shopping days we had last year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we’re looking at only 26 days this year. That’s […]

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Nov 25, 2019

Her Name Is Veronica

The video opens with a stunning circa 1940s era nursing home filled with staff and residents slowly going about their day. Then it dissolves into Elvis Costello sitting alone in […]

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Nov 20, 2019

The Dash Is Why

If you haven’t heard of the poem “The Dash” by Linda Ellis, the team here at LifeTime Memoirs highly recommends you find a quiet place, pull up a chair, and […]

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Nov 13, 2019

A Timeless Thanksgiving Tradition

Now that Halloween is over and the clocks have been turned back, the holiday season is in the air, the stores, and the front yards of millions of houses across […]

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Nov 5, 2019

The Gift Of A Lifetime

The holidays are coming, and that means we are all making our lists, checking them twice, and racking our brains for gift ideas for those who managed to earn a […]

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Aug 20, 2019

Ghostwriter Mr. Andrew Crofts Visits LifeTime Memoirs

The conundrum of the world-famous ghostwriter Andrew Crofts is a world-renowned ghostwriter, and he recently visited LifeTime Memoirs at our headquarters in Godalming. Andrew chatted with LifeTime Memoirs founder Roy […]

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Aug 15, 2019

LifeTime Memoirs Author Testimonial and Book Reveal – Geoff Spriggs

LifeTime Memoirs founder Roy Moëd and members of the Spriggs LifeTime production team went to visit Mr. Geoffrey Spriggs at his business Spriggs Florists to personally deliver the copies of […]

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Jul 23, 2019

So, You’ve Retired. What’s Next?

Give yourself an exciting project If you have retired, or retirement is just around the corner, congratulations! After years of hard work, you have reached the third phase of your […]

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Jul 17, 2019

LifeTime Memoirs Event: Alan Beckett The Moat House Acton Trussell

“This was totally unprecedented…and we were honored to attend” With incredible generosity, LifeTime Memoirs author Mr. Alan Beckett arranged an event to celebrate his LifeTime project and promote the LifeTime […]

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Mar 7, 2019

LifeTime Memoirs Celebrates World Book Day 2019

World Book Day is upon us, and we here at LifeTime Memoirs couldn’t turn down a chance to don the garb of our favorite literary characters. Those currently working at home today […]

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Feb 27, 2019

Joanna’s Experience as a LifeTime Memoirs Interviewer

Starting a journey with LifeTime Memoirs can feel a little daunting for new authors, but when they discover I share their passion and commitment, the respect and trust between us build. As the weeks roll by, our bond grows and we find ourselves greeting each other like old friends.

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Jan 17, 2019

Bryan Bates’ LifeTime Memoir Reveal

Every time a LifeTime memoir author visits us is a cause for celebration, but Bryan’s visit was particularly special as, upon collection of his newly created memoir, he would become our fastest-ever author to print his (having only invested in the private autobiography 21 weeks prior to his visit!).

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Jan 15, 2019

Nigel Gray’s Photographic Masterpiece Memoir

Another autobiography was added to our LifeTime library recently. A professional photographer, Nigel’s book features magnificent photo collages of some of his best work; not forgetting to mention that he is the proud owner of one of our favorite LifeTime dustcovers. Nigel is also one of the faces in our TV campaign.

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Jan 11, 2019

LifeTime Memoirs: The Glory of a Story

To savor and digest a truly interesting story is somewhat of a rarity In these digital days, we’re increasingly bombarded with selfies and tweets, text messages and voice messages, factoids, […]

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Dec 14, 2018

A Life of Change – My Experience as a Ghostwriter

An insight into my experiences as a LifeTime Memoirs ghostwriter The authors whose memories I’ve helped to write for LifeTime Memoirs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have […]

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Dec 13, 2018

Real Business with Alan Wick (107 Meridian FM) – Roy on the Radio

LifeTime founder Roy Moëd was invited for an interview by Alan Wick for his new radio show, ‘Real Business with Alan Wick’. The show aired on 25th November on 107 Meridian and we’ve […]

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Nov 27, 2018

How to Create your Life Story in Three Simple Steps

If you’re thinking about how to create your life story, a little bit of planning can make the process simple and enjoyable. There’s often a pattern when authors begin the process of writing their life story. First, they don’t know where to start. Then, they cover every major milestone as if crossing a stream by jumping boulder to boulder. Having done that, they run out of things to say.

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Nov 21, 2018

LifeTime Project Manager: Remembrance, by Invitation of the Queen

LifeTime Memoirs project manager Nathalie Garcia talks about a project she initiated making a documentary called WAR TOWN, which looks at the British Army history, military architecture, sports in the military, and the civilian stories, all set in the small town of Aldershot between 1914–1918. She got an invitation from the queen to celebrate remembrance day.

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